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Managing Client Anxiety

A workable relationship is marked by feelings of comfort, ease and safety. If one of the partners feels too much anxiety too much of the time, the opposite of those positive sensations, the relationship will be problematic. And if one

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The Case for Positive Language

Language affects our feelings. When we use normative terms to describe a person or situation, we are essentially saying that they are good or bad. If it’s perceived as the latter, we might trigger an unintended fight or flight reaction

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Considering Affinity in Client Relationships

Affinity is a term that is bandied about without much thought behind it. So what is an affinity? Affinity is a liking for or attraction to a person, thing or idea. In short, it’s a connection and our connection to

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The Commitment Conversation

The commitment conversation is the first of three critical conversations for supervisors to have with team members and prospective hires. It is intended to give supervisors the benefit of knowing the commitment level of each team member at any given

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