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Being Cause in the Matter of Outcomes and Not Just Tasks

In the course of a workday, we all have something that doesn’t go the way we want it to. There are generally two reasons why we don’t get the outcome we want: Someone important wasn’t committed to that outcome. Or,

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Why It’s More Workable to Tackle the Harder Tasks First

Thanks to our internal wiring, human beings favor the path of least resistance. That makes sense for many reasons. For one, it’s a survival mechanism: of course you’re going to grab the food that’s easiest to get. At the same

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Making Remote Work Workable

It used to be that when you went to work, it meant you headed to a physical location somewhere: an office, factory, quarry, shipping terminal, or wherever. But now, with the dawn of the Internet Age, more and more workers

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Let Concerns Drive Your Life – Not Consequences

When you go about setting your to-do list for your week, how do you set your priorities? Do you tend to place items higher because you really want to tackle them? Or, do you find yourself prioritizing the things that

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Why Virtues Hinder Workability

Does your company struggle with keeping your values as something more than just words on a poster in the break room? Or, how do you build values into your organization so that your company truly operates by those values? The

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